Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Riley's Bad Luck Begins

Raven Riley uses the power and exposure of her motion picture company Evil Motion Pictures to lash out at her ex-multimillionaire boyfriend.
Attorney Eric C. Conn dumped Riley because he did not want a porno star for a girlfriend anymore. Riley put a video on youtube to let him have an earful from her. Riley tells Conn she does not want his money. Also, Riley tells Conn that his ability to satisfy her sexually was lacking.
Riley is well-known in the porno industry. She has recently had litigation with Jayman regarding her business interests. Riley had a new idea of mixing soft core porno with horror. The first film of this unusual mixture was entitled Succubbus. The movie was rather successful for a movie of this type. It is unclear whether Riley will make more porno/horror flicks in the future. Riley's litigation with Jayman continues. Riley was said to be retiring from the porno industry with speculation being because Conn wanted her to leave the industry. However, Riley has released a video stating that it is not her intention to leave the industry. She has made several short porno videos since the date she was said to be retiring which appear to confirm her statements that she is not leaving the adult-entertainment industry.
The other legal problem Riley has is her Attorney Ex-Boyfriend Eric C. Conn. Conn is an attorney in Kentucky. Conn has made his millions by representing the disabled in Social Security proceedings. Conn has also been a regular contributor to different charitable causes concerning assistance for the poor. Conn continues to practice in this field. Conn did not want Riley to work in the porno industry. Riley refused and Conn ended the relationship.
Riley and Conn have not reconciled.